Banquet of Stories: A pairing of film and food

Two young travellers, a cook and a writer, decided they needed a little more adventure in their lives and began a roundtrip from Italy to Singapore, primarily by land, with nothing but their own savings. They've been going strong for over 25,000km, 16 months, and just as many countries, trading food for stories.

On this evening, they'll present you with special recipes picked up from the latest chapter in their travels (a six-month leg across India on a customised tuk-tuk), and the stories that inspired them. It will be an immersive feast for the senses as they transport you across time and space.

Your support will help them return to the West and share with the world what they've found, publishing a book of stories and recipes, producing a feature documentary about how they found them, and opening a kitchen studio so people can taste the experience for themselves.

Website: solfood.co
Facebook page: @solfoodcinema

Doors open at 7.
Dinner will be served at 8.
$5 cocktails will be available for cash purchase pre-dinner.
Wine will be served courtesy of BottlesXO during dinner.
Any extra wine can be purchased via their app on the spot. $10 discount codes will also be provided at the bar.

The Menu, as told by the cook:

L'insalata Bohemienne: A gypsy salad made of beetroots, mushrooms, mango, carrots, coconut, sesame seeds, onions, and paneer (milk curd cheese), all in different textures and techniques.

Recipe inspired by: our Yogi-Gypsy friend Tara, with whom we opened a restaurant in Shillong, Northeast India. This was also the place where Monika the tuk-tuk was bought and modified for the journey back home.

Influences: India, Italy, Spain


Pork Rib Momo and Chutney: A steamed dumpling originally from Tibet, filled with roasted pork rib, traditional food of the Northeast of India.

Recipe inspired by: Master Longspoon, a Khasi gentleman particularly talented with iron and flames, and the man who interpreted the vision we had for the TukTuk (which was designed by Lopelab) and transformed it into reality.

Influences: Assam, Darjeeling, Tibet


A goat in a pit of fire: Roasted goat legs cooked over night in a pit of wooden fire, served with a light biryani.

Recipe inspired by: a random encounter with Mr Broke, an American fellow with an impressive repertoire, underground cooking among them.

Influences: India & Northwest USA


Bolo de Rulao: A semolina cake typically from Goa, India, which has plenty of Portuguese influences. Served with the most venerated Indian ingredient: yogurt.

Recipe inspired by: Leo the Brazilian. Any clues shall remain unspoken.

Influences: Goa & Brazil
Tue Jan 24, 2017
7:00 PM - 11:00 PM SGT
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